22 Warriors Foundation - Nevada Division of WSP Foundation

22 Warriors Foundation (22 WF) Mission Statement

22 Warriors Foundation's Mission is to focus on taking ACTION to Eliminate the extremely high amount of Suicides committed in the Veteran and First Responder Communities in the Las Vegas Valley and the State of Nevada. As the Nevada Division of WSP Foundation, 22WF takes aim at Las Vegas and its surrounding areas which have a very large 1st responder presence and the largest Veteran population in the state of Nevada. 

22 Warriors Mission will not be complete "Until22Becomes0"

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22 Warriors Foundation at the Helix Electric Charity Golf Tournament

Action through Commitment and Strength through Community

 22 Warriors Foundation along with WSP Foundation subsidiaries Brain Health Warriors, VSP Project, American War Mothers, AAVS and their Various Non-profit partners including Michael's Angel Paws, Forgotten Not Gone, and the Veterans Transition Resource Center, are committed to taking action to help those in crisis help themselves.    

Strength Through Community, 22 Warriors Foundation is committed to continuously building strong relationships with the Veteran and First Responder Communities as well as the local, state , and national networks of people and organizations that can and will take action to eliminate these suicides.

Ranger Emmel, Service Dog to the Executive Director Bill Emmel giving his version of therapy

Action Brings Results

  22 Warriors Foundation in the 18 months has directly assisted hundreds of Veterans, First Responders, and family members and indirectly assisted thousands to get the assistance they need to help themselves. 22 Warriors Foundation has placed several Service Dogs with Veteran Partners at No cost to the Veteran, although usually $1500 per Service Dog. 22 Warriors Foundation has also provided Emergency Assistance upon referral and verification from VA and VSO Partners, that allow these Heroes to receive a Hand Up not a Hand Out. Examples have been helping with Union Dues and Tools to go to work the next day, help pay Cable or Phone bill to be able to complete job searches online, and other areas like this.

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