Brain Health Warriors - Nuero-Feedback Treatment Program

Brain Health Warriors Nuero Feedback Program

   The Las Vegas Neurofeedback Center is the corporate sponsor of Brain Health Warriors, a Nevada Licensed Nonprofit organization established exclusively to benefit wounded warriors. Brain Health Warriors as of October 21, 2017 is a subsidiary of , managed and governed by The Warriors Suicide Prevention Foundation (WSP Foundation) EIN 81-1316496, which is an Nevada Chartered and Based Nonprofit Organization with a 501 (C) 3 IRS tax exempt designation and all donations to WSP Foundation, its subsidiaries, Brain Health Warriors, American War Mothers - Nevada State and VSP Project as well as its Nevada divisions, 22 Warriors Foundation and Adopt A Vet Smile are tax deductible.  While we are organizing and petitioning the IRS for 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt status, all donations can be made to 22 or 

(Please Designate Donations To Brain Health Warriors.       

Brain Health Warriors develops and supports a sustainable network of outpatient and Community Residence providers to deliver therapeutic, non-invasive Brain Rehabilitation services for wounded warriors and first responder's suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other psycho-Physiological symptoms.  

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Three Ways To Help

 I.  The cost of a full treatment round for wounded warriors is $1800. We currently have a waiting list of veteran's who cannot afford brain-training. Your donation will go to the next wounded warrior's care, or you can donate for a specific service member or first responder that you'd like to sponsor. If you would like to pay-forward in this way, please designate your tax-free contribution on the link below for "Brain Health Warrior Training." 

II. Material Donations: See the List Below 

III. Labor Donations: See the List Below Brain Health Warriors is completing a 6,500 square foot in the Mt. Charleston area of Southern Nevada as a transitional community residence, able to provide residency and brain-rehab services for up to 10 wounded warriors at-a-time, with stays ranging from 1-3 months. The residence is now ready for drywall, and finishing the remainder of the completion. Materials:  Approximately 105k in materials will complete this project. 

The first task will be drywall;  300 sheets of 4x8, and 70 sheets of 4x12 drywall, 80 sheets of blueboard, 25 buckets of mud, and several rolls of tape

After completion of drywall, contractor's, designers, or contributor's can contribute by designing and completing the living spaces of the residence. 

The following projects are currently available for volunteer contributions: 900 sf kitchen/dining room, 400 sf living room, 2 full and 1 half bathroom, 1 treatment room, Carport, 2 Roof Decks (1 needing stairs), Driveway pavers with snow-melt system. 

Brain Health Warriors was established so you can help wounded warriors to receive the help they need, now. To donate, or support Brain Health Warriors mission, please visit the projects fundraising site at:  

Brain Health Warriors taking action for the Veteran and 1st Responders Communities

Our experience, and the research, indicates that 30 sessions are typically sufficient to alleviate most of the more intrusive symptoms of PTSD.  Our work with the BrainPaint system indicates about 85% of individuals experience significant reduction of symptoms and restoration to a more happy and fulfilling life after 30 sessions.   Over the past years, we've offered a 30% discount to Vets I have encountered with great success, but not nearly enough Vets have heard about neurofeedback in the first place, and some of them do struggle to put together that the low fee of $1800 for 30 sessions. So I extend this offer broadly, as well.  Everybody knows a Vet, and most know one or more who carry these hidden wounds.  If you've a mind, help us to help a Vet.  You can prepay anonymously, in which case all I'll need is your Vet's name and e-mail address, or you can gift it more publicly.  You also have the option to gift anonymously to a veteran currently on our waiting list.   Namaste Dr. Don Posson     


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